The word “thrive” doesn’t describe the lives of many single parents. You wake up in the morning feeling so tired and overwhelmed, thinking “How will I manage everything today?” You keep telling yourself, “I just need to make it through the day; just survive.” Planning for tomorrow will have to wait because there’s not enough time in this day to handle work, parenting, laundry, grocery shopping, cupcakes for the school treat, craft supplies for your child’s science project, fuel for the car, homework help and dinner, yet still find time to cuddle with kids. And forget about cleaning because that’s often the last thing you have energy for.

“I just need to make it through the day; just survive.”


We know all parents have those same challenges, but when you are a single parent, you may not have someone who can help you manage those challenges and remind you that you are valued and loved, and that all this effort will someday be worth it. Someone to remind you that God loves you and knows that these are tough times for you. But He has you in this place at this time for a purpose even though you may not see it right now.

Thrive is a ministry that offers single parents a different perspective on their challenges through seminars, small group discussion and networking so you can get past the feeling of just surviving. We want you to know that God loves you and that you have value and purpose and that someday you will look back on these challenging days and know that it was all worth it.

“Battlefield of the Mind” Joyce Meyer

There is a war going on and your mind is the battlefield. God wants you to live free from the attacks of worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation. In Battlefield of the Mind, you’ll learn how to defeat destructive thoughts and focus your mind on the way God thinks. In her signature straight-shoot approach, Joyce shares the truths she’s learned through her own trials, tragedies and victories, revealing transparent insights every step of the way.

1/7/17 – Week 1 – What’s Been On Your Mind Lately?

1/14/17 – Week 2 – Thinking Your Way Out of Bondage

1/21/17 – Week 3 – What Would Jesus Think?

1/28/17 – Week 4 – Think About What You Are Thinking About

2/4/17/2016 Break

“The Purpose Driven Life” Rick Warren

You are about to embark on a journey of discovery. Throughout this study you are going to discover the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “What on earth am I hear for?”

2/11/17 – Week 1 – You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure

2/18/17 – Week 2 – You Were Formed for God’s Family

2/25/17 – Week 3 – You Were Created to Become Like Christ

3/4/17 – Week 4 – You Were Shaped to Serve God

3/11/17 – Week 5 – Your Were Made for a Mission

3/18/17 – Week 6 – Review

3/25/17/2016 Break

Other Series coming up later this year…

“Unglued” Lysa Terkeurst

“Transformed” Chip Ingram

“Breathe” Priscilla Shirer

“Uninvited” Lysa Terkeurst

Each weekly seminar is “self-contained” so you can attend the ones that interest you.  For more information, questions or registration, contact Karen Hammersmith.  Childcare is available.  Light breakfast will be provided from 8:45am to 9:15am.  Each session will run from 9:20am to 11:00am.

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